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Click To Tweet: “At its purest and simplest form, a personal brand is the combination of how you see yourself and how others see you.”

Rajiv Nathan is a human Curious George always chasing realness, is Idea Lemon’s cofounder and Ambassador of Awesome. He shows you how to build a money personal brand and live a dope life.

I had Rajiv on the show to talk about the mystery that is personal branding. We talk about his background, the epic road trip they took across America a few months ago and how to build a kick-ass personal brand. We get real for a little bit and he helps me define my personal brand.

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  • Rajiv and I discuss his epic road trip with his company Idea Lemon and what he and his cofounder Martin learned from the experience
  • Figure out yourself first, and then figure out the rest last
  • What’s the difference between a personal brand and a “professional brand?”
  • Why “working hard and keeping your head down” is limiting your potential
  • We discuss the “old model for success” compared to the “new model for success”
  • A personal brand is how you see yourself and how others see you
  • Personal Branding 101:
    1. Ask yourself questions about the things you care about
      • What was a time from high school or college that makes you smile when you think about it?
      • What do you want to be remembered for?
      • What’s a challenge you’re really proud of overcoming?
      • What would you want our eulogy to read?
    2. Ask others about yourself
      • Email 3 people from different parts of your life (school, friends, work, etc.)
      • Who comes to mind, real or fictitious, when you think of me?
      • What’s one word you would use to describe me?
      • What skills am I great at?
    3. Our perception of ourselves and how others perceive us defines our personal brand…not what we do for a living or what sports teams we follow.

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