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Alex Berman is the Chief Marketing Sumo for InspireBeats and is responsible for generating over $12 million dollars in B2B leads this year. He and the team at InspireBeats have sent over 1 million cold emails to funded startups and software as a service companies in the last two years.

I got Alex on the show because generating leads through cold email is a particular effective tactic for lean startups. Cold emails are also a great way to build strategic partnerships with companies to build your pipeline as well. We discuss Alex’s journey as an entrepreneur and we geek out about everything you need to know about sending cold emails with great conversion rates.

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  • Alex started working in B2C products at first and grew a strong interest in marketing
  • Alex and I talk about his best advice for committing and starting a business…rack up a bunch of credit card debt to fund your business so you have no choice but to succeed!
  • Cold emails typically work best in B2B business models
  • Sending Cold Emails
    1. The first place to start is to figure out your goals – There are two types of cold emails: outreach to businesses to create strategic partnerships (or to white label your service) or direct outreach to customers.
    2. Find email addresses – Search databases or directories for the type of businesses you’d like to reach out to. Guess email addresses using these tools:
    3. What to send in the email – Spend 2 minutes customizing your email:
      1. Customize subject heading using the person’s name and a question
      2. Personalize the first few sentences with something about the recipient or their business
      3. Keep your pitch to 2-3 sentences
      4. Call to action (CTA) – link to your offer or to a Calendly link…and make sure to ask a question!
      5. Use a P.S.
    4. Follow up – if you don’t hear back, don’t be afraid to send a quick, 1-sentence follow up
  • Tools to send emails out with

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