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Jordan Harbinger is the host of the top-rated Art of Charm podcast and is co-founder of Art of Charm, where he helps ordinary guys become extraordinary men.

I wanted to get Jordan on the show because he is an expert on networking and relationship building. We talk about he started the Art of Charm, building key relationships and how to connect with mentors.

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  • Jordan started his career out in law and we discuss his transition into entrepreneurship
  • Jordan shares a story he learned from a mentor that was key in him understanding how important relationship are to your success
  • Lack of relationship building skills become a limiting factor in our careers
  • Jordan’s steps for creating relationships:
    1. Start with you (what type of people would you like to connect with and why?)
    2. Select influencers to reach out to
    3. Give generously without expecting anything in return
    4. Introduce and connect people within your network
  • Give generously without expecting anything in return to build your network

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