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Megan Gebhart is an author, world traveler, and tech-enthusiast living in San Francisco. In 2010, she launched a yearlong experiment to see what would happen if she had coffee with a stranger every week for a year. In 2014, she published “52 Cups of Coffee,” a book chronicling her conversations with everyone from a dairy farmer to Steve Wozniak.

I wanted to get Megan on the show because she’s had really great conversations with incredibly successful people. We talk about what life was like in college, where she got the idea for 52 Cups of Coffee and what she’s up to now.

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  • Megan was a marketing student, but wasn’t exactly interested in it…but she knew at one point she wanted to start a business
  • As a student at Michigan State University, she got the idea to start a blog to connect MSU alumni and share their stories with current MSU students
  • Megan started an entrepreneurship club of her own because she wasn’t getting what she wanted to out of the existing business clubs on campus
  • Megan’s advice for college students hoping to start a business: just do it, you’re going to learn a ton along the way whether you succeed or fail
  • Find mentorship and advisors who are willing to listen to your ideas and give you guidance
  • The idea for 52 Cups of Coffee came along when she reached out to MSU alumni to grab coffee and had a great response
  • Megan went into each of the 52 conversations very openly so it wasn’t a one-way dialogue like an interview
  • We talk about her conversations with Seth Godin and Steve Wozniak…and what she learned from their dialogue together
  • Steps for getting into a successful passion project
    1. Make sure your motivations for the project are true to yourself
    2. Make sure the goal is very clear and you know whether you succeeded or failed
    3. Create accountability (document your journey in a public forum like a podcast, blog and/or social media platforms)

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