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Shinjini Das is a Speaker, Media Personality, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily Contributor. She was named as 1 of 16 Global Heroes by the United Nations Partnership, Together for Girls, for her work to empower youth and advocate for gender equality.

I had Shinjini on the GenY Success Show because she is a GREAT speaker. She’s also very young and recently graduated from college. We talk about how to find your identity, building a career as a speaker and being aggressive with what you want in life.

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  • Shinjini went to Georgia Tech University and always had a fascination with public speaking and creating a global impact through our work
  • We discuss the importance of taking inspiration from others, but also making sure you’re in charge of your own journey
  • 2015 was a transformative year for Shinjini and she discusses why blogging and contributing articles really helped propel her speaking career
  • Hiring a publicist was a key career move for Shinjini
  • We discuss the differences between a dreamer and a go-getter and the 5 secrets
    1. A go-getter believes that his / her story will be one of the greatest ever written
    2. Go-getters put themselves first in order to be of service to others around them
    3. Go-getters are always planning their next move to inspire others
    4. Go-getters nurture the relationships with their close friends and family
    5. Go-getters are really proud of themselves for overcoming adversity and achieving their dreams
  • You need to be aggressive about what you want in life and play the game of life on the offensive

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