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Erin Jacobson is known as “The Music Industry Lawyer.” She’s an experienced deal negotiator and a seasoned adviser of intellectual property rights who protects musicians, songwriters, producers, and other entertainment professionals. Her clients range from Grammy and Emmy Award winners to independent artists, record labels, music publishers, and production companies. Erin also founded, owns, and oversees all operations for Indie Artist Resource, the independent musician’s resource for legal and business protection. She’s a frequent author and speaker, and also blogs regularly on music industry topics.

I wanted to get Erin on the show because she’s an expert networker, and someone who’s turned a lifelong passion for music into a successful career. Now, she represents some of the biggest names in the music industry! We talk about how to gain expertise in any field, how to land your first big clients, and Erin walks us through her easy-to-implement networking tips.

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  • Erin initially thought she was going to be a doctor when she started her freshman year at USC
  • A lifelong passion for music (and a suggestion from one of her professors) led Erin toward a career in music law
  • Erin graduated from law school in 2009, and now represents several Grammy recording artists
  • How Erin networked her way to several, prestigious internships while in college
  • How Erin used her internship experience(s) to jumpstart her career
  • Why Erin decided to start her own business immediately after law school
  • How Erin landed her first big clients in the music industry (spoiler alert: referrals)
  • Erin dishes out her easy-to-implement networking tips:
    • Have an open mind
    • Don’t be a pest
    • Let things develop naturally

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