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YL Savitskiy is the is the co-founder of Self-Made Millennials. YL is a young entrepreneur, millennial, podcast host, fitness junkie, and adventurer. Being the first person in his immediate family to enroll in an American university, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations after only three and a half years. Nine days after graduation, YL took a leap and followed his dream of living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Embracing change, he arrived in Vegas with two suitcases, a place to stay, and an approach of piecing together the rest of the details later.

I wanted to get YL on the show because he’s smack dab in the middle of his own entrepreneurial journey, and he has an interesting perspective on what it takes to truly live a self-made lifestyle. We talk about YL’s path to entrepreneurship, including how he learned to handle rejection while working at a fundraising office in college, and why he dropped everything and moved to Las Vegas right after he graduated. YL even offers a “sneak peek” at his seven secrets for living a self-made lifestyle.

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  • YL and his family immigrated to the United States from Lithuania when YL was just 18-months old
  • YL says his family didn’t push him toward any particular profession when he started college at Georgia Southern University
  • YL learned to hone his entrepreneurial skill set while making thousands of fundraising “cold calls” while in college
  • How things really started to change for YL when he began to “trash the garbage” (and how to get rid of negative influences in your life)
  • Why YL started his podcast, The Self-Made Millennial Show (and the #1 thing he’s learned from interviewing successful entrepreneurs)

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