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Kiri Masters started Bobsled Marketing, an agency that helps brands launch their products on Amazon. At the age of 28, she quit her job as a commercial banker to start the company. Now, she and her team have launched over 100 products on Amazon, ranging from drones, to pillows, to gun holster belts.

I wanted to get Kiri on the show because, as she says, “being an employee isn’t a bad thing.” Kiri worked in the banking industry for years before she started her own business, and she picked up some invaluable skills along the way. We talk about how to be a more productive employee, how to manage your manager, and how working for someone else prepares you for entrepreneurship. And, of course, Kiri talks about some of the ways you can get started selling products on Amazon!

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  • Kiri studied marketing and public relations at the University of Notre Dame (nope, not that one)
  • Kiri took her first internship—and began her marketing career—at Australia’s largest retail bank
  • Why Kiri firmly believes that “being an employee isn’t a bad thing” (and how to be a great employee)
  • How to manage your manager (hint: yes, you need to “manage up” in order to communicate your value)
  • Why it’s important to be a good employee (and how working for someone prepares you for entrepreneurship)
  • How a “skill-set inventory” can help you figure out what skills you’re lacking (and how you can get paid to learn)
  • How Kiri’s side business (selling products on Etsy) eventually led her to Amazon—and her own business
  • Some of the ways you can get started with Amazon (and what to do if you have an idea for a product)
    • Find out what your competitors are doing
    • Look at reviews for your competing products
    • Figure out your unique selling proposition
    • Find a supplier for your product
  • How the Amazon search engine works (and how to do some quick keyword research on Amazon)
  • And, of course, Kiri shares some tips to help you launch your product on Amazon

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