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Tamara Thorpe is the Millennials Mentor. She creates exceptional leadership training programs for Millennial leaders, and helps businesses understand and leverage a multi-generational workforce. She also helps entrepreneurs and growing businesses create engaged and high performing teams, and sustainable learning organizations. She shares with us her love for Millennials, leadership, and life.

I wanted to get Tamara back on the show because she’s a Millennial expert and has some really interesting ideas regarding Millennial leadership. I first had Tamara on the show in November of 2014. Since then, she’s been up to some BIG things. We talk about why Tamara believes ageism is still one of the most tolerable forms of discrimination, why (and how) Millennials are different than other generations, and why Millennials want to lead differently than other generations.  Tamara also shares her five steps for real leadership!

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Tamara has been building her brand, TamaraThorpe.com, since the last time she was on the show in November 2014
  • Tamara is an expert in leadership and organization development, specifically for Millennials
  • Get this: 64% of Millennials in leadership positions say they do NOT feel prepared to lead
  • Tamara says: “Mentoring others really just seemed like the natural evolution of being the beneficiary of great mentors.”
  • Why Tamara believes ageism is still one of the most tolerable forms of discrimination in the United States
  • Why Millennials are different from other generations (and why it’s important to understand how Millennials are different)
  • Why Millennials want to lead differently than other generations (people vs. profits)
  • Tamara’s five steps to real leadership:
    • Identify: Think about your “why” (what are your leadership beliefs)
    • Imagine: Imagine your ideal team and organization
    • Inspire: Understand individualistic differences to create an inclusive environment
    • Innovate: Foster a growth environment where people can express themselves
    • Impact: Create systems for evaluation

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