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Katrina Razavi is a communication coach and founder of CommunicationForNerds.com where she helps people who struggle with social anxiety and social confidence live their best lives and express their true selves. She’s also a Silicon Valley executive and former founder of marriage.com.

I wanted to get Katrina on the show because she’s a self-admitted introvert who teaches a mindset-first approach to improve your social skills and avoid awkward conversations. Katrina and I talk about how to calm your nerves, anxiety, and emotions when you step into an intimidating social situation, how Katrina found the courage to approach Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington, and even how Katrina wound up at Kim and Kanye’s engagement party! Katrina also shares her six secrets for social confidence!

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  • Katrina was born and raised in Southern California; she graduated from USC in only two and a half years!
  • Katrina grew up in an entrepreneurial household: “Business and work was a dinner table topic.”
  • Katrina received her MBA from Pepperdine while working an internship at ShopClick, an e-commerce startup
  • Katrina talks about “sweat equity,” and what she learned after co-founding Marriage.com
  • How Katrina, a self-admitted introvert, became fascinated with communication
  • Just because you’re an introvert, it doesn’t mean you can’t flex your “extrovert muscle” effectively
  • How Katrina “channeled her inner calling” before striking up conversations with Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington
  • Why you should pause, scan the room, and assess the situation as soon as you first walk into a room
  • How to calm your nerves, anxiety, and emotions when you step into an intimidating social situation:
    • Label the emotion, acknowledge it, and move on
    • Prime yourself for power and productivity
    • Visualize yourself in a positive light
    • Assume power poses to decrease stress levels
  • Katrina’s six secrets for social confidence:
    • Social skills are just skills
    • There are shortcuts
    • Inner psychology is key
    • The link between social skills and confidence
    • You’re missing out on life when you don’t improve your social skills
    • It’s your responsibility to be your best self

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