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Ben Austin is the founder of Stop.Start.Do. and teaches you how to be a peak performing leader by mastering your success habits. His friends call him the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye.

I wanted to get Ben back on the show because the guy knows quite a bit about “flow states.” More importantly, he understands how flow states impact productivity better than most folks. Last time Ben joined the show, we talked about the habits of the world’s top leaders. This time, we discuss how reaching “flow” can drastically improve your productivity, why reaching a flow state is a conscious, fundamental activity, and why reaching a flow state is all about living in the present.

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  • Ben is back on the show!
  • Ben just launched the Unleash Your Inner Genius Podcast
  • Why “flow state” has been proven to maximize your productivity by up to %500
  • Moving into a flow state is a conscious, fundamental activity (and the science behind it)
  • Ben describes the four tasks through which a normal person can enter a flow state
  • Practicing your presence (e.g. meditation) enables you to more easily enter flow state
  • Why reaching really deep states of concentration and flow can actually cause burnout
  • Reaching a flow state is “all about your ability to focus in the moment.”
  • How “grey zone” time works against us to decrease productivity
  • Ben shares his personal blueprint for reaching flow states more often:
    • Have a meditation practice
    • Drink Bulletproof coffee (or Yerba Mate tea)
    • Do lots of flow-based activities
    • Listen to classical music

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