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James Norris is a social entrepreneur and life-hacker focused on behavior change innovations. He is founder and CEO of Self Spark, a global platform for science-based lifehacking events. He previously co-built 21 other organizations and was a triple major/quadruple minor at The University of Texas at Austin. He believes in living with intention and has experienced 2,050 “firsts” in life.

I wanted to get James back on the show because he’s not just a “productivity guy.” James takes a data-driven approach to lifehacking, which I find incredibly unique and useful. Everything he does (and recommends) is backed by personal experience and data, which is very uncommon in the self-help world. In this episode, we discuss what James has been up to over the past two years, how to construct an environment that increases your productivity, and James explains Email Overload Disorder (EOD), among other things.

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  • James is back on the show!
  • James is now based in Palo Alto, California, working with Stanford
  • James talks about his experience traveling (and working) with his SelfSpark team over the past few years
  • Why James says his ideal workspace would have “a lot of plants, large windows, blue light stations, and tons of whiteboards”
  • What it means to “eat your frog” in the morning (and why it’s the one thing you need to be doing each day)
  • How “Get Stuff Done Days” became a thing, and the basic structure you can use to setup your own GSD day
  • Why most of us should be scheduling a GSD day once or twice per month
  • How to use a GSD to resolve (and hopefully cure) your Email Overload Disorder (EOD)
  • The more you think about high-leverage projects and tasks, the better off you’ll be
  • Realize that you’re still learning; we’re not designed to be sitting all day, every day

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