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What Do I Do When I Feel Like I Can’t Stop Working?

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This week, we’re continuing with our monthly productivity series. In this episode, we dive into the issue of “work guilt,” and in particular, what do I do when I feel like I can’t stop working? We talk about why many of us feel like we can’t stop working, why it’s important to schedule “happiness breaks” into your workday, and how to set realistic boundaries for yourself.

Want to learn how to set an “hours cap” on your day, create realistic boundaries around your work week, and get MORE done in less time? Grab the bonus content from this episode! Download our step-by-step guide (with screenshots) below:

Next week, we’ll tackle the last question in our monthly productivity series, “What are some easy ways to eliminate distractions?” We’ll talk about a few quick tricks to set up a distraction-free work environment, and we discuss some of the actual tools we use to eliminate distractions on a daily basis. Be sure to tune in next week!

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why many of us feel like we can’t stop working
  • Why we seem to expect more from ourselves than we’re able to deliver
  • How we schedule breaks each week in order to avoid “burnout”
  • How to set realistic boundaries for your workday

Links From The Episode

  • Parkinson’s Law
  • Deep Work (Cal Newport)