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Jason Bay - GenY SuccessHi, Jason Bay here! I’m the founder of GenY Success and the host of The GenY Success Show. I’m very fascinated with what drives successful Millennials (a “Millennial” or “Generation Y” refers to anyone born in the 1980s or 1990s).

You’re in the right place if you’ve ever asked…

  • How can I find more fulfillment in my career?
  • How can I discover what I’m meant to do for a living?
  • What resources (apps, books, etc.) are successful millennials using?
  • How can I optimize my health and productivity to get more out of what I do every day?

The GenY Success Community consists of millennials who embody a growth mindset and love taking action to create the lifestyle they want to live.

My Story

I grew up in a little town in Brookings, Oregon. The population is a little over 5,000 people and it’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone. If Goody Two-Shoes was in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of me right next to it!

I got good grades, played sports and never got into any trouble. In high school, I remember thinking: “I have no idea what I want to do after school. What’s next?” I didn’t know where I wanted to go to college or what type of career I wanted to pursue.

So I decided to become a Forensic Scientist like on CSI. After taking a few classes, I quickly found out that it was nothing like the TV shows.

For a few months I was just going through the motions of what I was “supposed” to be doing: going to college, getting decent grades and doing what it takes to get a stable job after graduating. A good salary and good benefits package was what I wanted.

One day during one of my classes, a representative from an internship company came in and talked about an opportunity to make $10,000 for school. I was pretty set on doing anything besides stacking wood on a cart for 60 hours a week, which is what I did the summer before, so signing up was a no brainer for me.

My Life Was Changed Forever

I ended up getting hired and ran my first business that summer painting houses with a company called College Works Painting (CWP). It completely changed my career path. I found out I enjoyed doing sales and meeting with people. I got over my fear of rejection. I enjoyed earning results-based pay versus an hourly wage. I loved hiring workers to take care of the work for me. I found security in stepping outside of my comfort zone.

After that first summer, I quickly had an opportunity to help hire, train and manage new students through the program. I found that I had a huge passion for coaching and teaching people how to run businesses.

I also found I had a passion for marketing. What really interested me was the psychology of why people choose to sign up for services and products. I was good enough at branding and generating leads that I generated a lot of interest from the partners that own the company. When I was ready to leave CWP to work for another company, they offered me a job as their Marketing Director.

I was 22 at the time and learned everything I know now about branding, lead generation, SEO and social media. I traveled across the country helping train hundreds of new employees on marketing, sales, leadership and time management. It was a blast and it was what I spent the next 2 years doing.

The entrepreneurial itch was something I felt soon after being hired as Marketing Director though and I left to start my own venture in 2013. I continue to freelance with CWP and a few other client to gain additional experience and to help pay my bills while I run GenY Success.

Why I Started GenY Success

My reason for starting GenY Success is pretty simple.

I figure there are thousands of people my age who struggle with the same things I did: finding a career path I love and having what it takes to make that dream a reality (and make it pay the bills).

For nearly the last decade, I’ve personally mentored over 100 young adults, spoken to over 1,000 success seeking college students, spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal development and traveled across the country educating young adults on the ins and outs of running their own businesses and finding careers they’re passionate about.

Jason Bay - GenY Success

A few interesting things most people don’t know about me

  1. I’m half Chinese. My mom was born in Hong Kong and my dad, well…he’s just a white dude
  2. I’ve been told by more than one person that I remind them of John Cho (from Harold and Kumar…I don’t see it)
  3. I like Nickelback. Yeah, you read that right…and everyone gives me shit for it.
  4. I’ve seen over 100 bands in concert.
  5. I’m a naturally introverted person and starting a podcast was one of the last things I thought I’d ever do
  6. I own 6 guitars and am a huge Eddie Van Halen fan
  7. It’s been a dream of mine to put together an annual conference for millennial entrepreneurs to come to from across the world
  8. I am a stand up comedian
  9. I don’t drink alcohol…at all

Reviews & Testimonials

The audience here at GenY Success consists of entrepreneurs, athletes, business professionals, freelancers, musicians, artists and many more. And they’ve had some great things to say about GenY Success.

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