Author: Jason D. Bay

Ultimate Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals (Part 1: How To Set Meaningful Goals)

“I’ve tried setting goals, but I never see them through. I lose motivation easily.”

“There’s so many thing I want in life (i.e. better job, to start a business, etc.). Where do I even start?”

“I want to eat healthier and exercise more (or insert any other habit), but those habits never stick.”

Any of those ring a bell? Those were my New Year’s Resolutions in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

(GYSS #87): How To Give Your Career An Upgrade with Olivia Gamber

“You’re not going to be recognized for just doing what you were hired to do.”

Olivia Gamber is the Founder of Occupational Olivia and author of the best-seller The Career Upgrade Roadmap. She helps highly educated young professionals upgrade their career or transition to work that is more engaging. She’s been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company. You can also find her weekly on The Occupational Olivia Podcast on iTunes.

I wanted to get Olivia on the show because she’s used her unique background in both psychology and organizational development to successfully navigate the workplace and upgrade her career along the way. We talk about psychology, relationships, and business, then dive into Olivia’s 5-step process for upgrading your career.

(GYSS #86): How To Monetize Your Genius & Deal w/ Haters with Caitlin Pyle

“Learning changes everything. It is THE deciding factor.”

Caitlin Pyle is a millennial entrepreneur who transformed her $40k-a-year freelance job into an online business that has grossed over $500k within 10 months of launch — and she did it in one of the tiniest niches on Earth. Based in Orlando, Florida, she’s currently on a 14-month travel adventure through South America with her husband.

I wanted to get Caitlin on the show because she is a rockstar entrepreneur! She runs two businesses right now, Proofread Anywhere and The Work Anywhere Life. We talk about her struggles as an employee early on in her career, how to deal with haters and how to monetize your genius.

(GYSS #85): Keys To Growing Your Tech Startup with Tom Tancredi

“The important part of the business plan is knowing you have some sort of expectations and learning how to pivot from them.”

Tom Tancredi founded DOM & TOM, a mobile application development shop, in 2009 and has since grown the company into one of the INC 500’s fastest growing companies in 2015 with over 45 employees. He is a fervent entrepreneur, having personally invested in multiple start-up ventures in New York City.

I wanted to get Tom on the show because of his expertise in growing tech startups. We discuss his career path and how he found mobile, why he chose to go into business with his brother and working with enterprise clients vs. small business owners.

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