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(GYSS #14): Danny Rubin – Why Starting A Blog Is The Smartest Career Decision You Can Make, Founder Of News To Live By

“Starting a blog? Ask: what topic do I know well and how can my knowledge help someone else with their life?”

Danny Rubin is the creator and writer at News To Live By, a website dedicated to finding the career advice “hidden” in today’s news. He’s contributed to the Huffington Post, Business Insider and has also appeared in the New York Times.

Danny is a firm believer that starting a blog is the best career decision that we can make as millennials. We talk about how to get a blog started, how to get over the anxiety of putting your thoughts and opinions out there for everyone to see and he shares some really great writing techniques.

WARNING: These 3 Common Excuses Are Holding You Back From Starting A Business

1. A brick & mortar location is not needed to start a business
2. It’s inexpensive to start a business (less than $100-$150 in most cases)
3. You don’t have to quit your job to start a business

I always heard stories of entrepreneurs raising thousands of dollars to fund their ventures.

Capital, capital, capital. It’s all I ever read and heard about.

The most common misconception I’ve seen in business is that it takes a lot of money to start one.

The actual cost of starting a business? $50-$100 depending on where you live and the business structure you choose.

Technology has given us the ability to work from almost anywhere in the world with a phone, laptop and decent internet connection. There’s no need for a brick and mortar location anymore.

I started GenY Success for $150. It was $100 to register an LLC (in Oregon) and another $50 to get this website up.

(GYSS #13): Ryan Jenkins – The 7 Success Catalysts, Founder of Next Generation Catalyst

“As millennials, we have the opportunity to be the beginning of our digital family tree.”

Ryan Jenkins is the founder of Next Generation Catalyst and he’s a millennial keynote speaker and author. He is also the host of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast, a highly-rated podcast on iTunes for companies who hire millennials.

Ryan and I discuss his 7 Success Catalysts, which I personally had a ton of takeaways from. He’s had quite the journey as an millennial entrepreneur and he uses his story as a way to teach us key success habits.

(GYSS #12): Gabrielle Jackson – Embracing Our Generation, Author of 5 Millennial Myths, Founder of Millennial Solution

“I think entitlement is just motivation misdirected.”

Gabrielle Jackson is the founder of Millennial Solution and helps companies work better with Generation Y. I wanted to get her on the show for you because I thought it would be great to hear the perspective of our generation from the people who hire our generation.

Gabrielle digs into how to embrace our generation, why entitlement is not a bad thing and she gives great tips for female entrepreneurs.

(GYSS #11): Matt Wilson – Co-Founder of Under30CEO and Under30Experiences, Building A Mission Driven Business, Importance Of World Travel

Matt Wilson is the co-founder of Under30CEO and Under30Experiences. He graduated from Bryant University in 2008 into a tough economy and never decided to pursue the corporate route. We talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, the ups and downs of running a business and doing work that inspire you.

He’s super well traveled and talks about how traveling has changed his perspective on life and business. I’m going to the Costa Rica trip with Under30Experiences and he talks quite a bit about how to get started with traveling. Here’s a great quote from the episode:

“If you want to take over the world, you better understand it first.”

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