Author: Jason D. Bay

(GYSS #86): How To Monetize Your Genius & Deal w/ Haters with Caitlin Pyle

“Learning changes everything. It is THE deciding factor.”

Caitlin Pyle is a millennial entrepreneur who transformed her $40k-a-year freelance job into an online business that has grossed over $500k within 10 months of launch — and she did it in one of the tiniest niches on Earth. Based in Orlando, Florida, she’s currently on a 14-month travel adventure through South America with her husband.

I wanted to get Caitlin on the show because she is a rockstar entrepreneur! She runs two businesses right now, Proofread Anywhere and The Work Anywhere Life. We talk about her struggles as an employee early on in her career, how to deal with haters and how to monetize your genius.

(GYSS #85): Keys To Growing Your Tech Startup with Tom Tancredi

“The important part of the business plan is knowing you have some sort of expectations and learning how to pivot from them.”

Tom Tancredi founded DOM & TOM, a mobile application development shop, in 2009 and has since grown the company into one of the INC 500’s fastest growing companies in 2015 with over 45 employees. He is a fervent entrepreneur, having personally invested in multiple start-up ventures in New York City.

I wanted to get Tom on the show because of his expertise in growing tech startups. We discuss his career path and how he found mobile, why he chose to go into business with his brother and working with enterprise clients vs. small business owners.

(GYSS #84): A Millennial’s Quest for Identity with Shinjini Das

“You need to be aggressive about what you want. Otherwise, you won’t get it.”

Shinjini Das is a Speaker, Media Personality, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily Contributor. She was named as 1 of 16 Global Heroes by the United Nations Partnership, Together for Girls, for her work to empower youth and advocate for gender equality.

I had Shinjini on the GenY Success Show because she is a GREAT speaker. She’s also very young and recently graduated from college. We talk about how to find your identity, building a career as a speaker and being aggressive with what you want in life.

(GYSS #83): Develop The Habits of the World’s Top Leaders with Ben Austin

“When someone decides to take responsibility for everything in their life, it’s so empowering.”

Ben Austin is the founder of Stop. Start. Do. and teaches you how to be a peak performing leader by mastering your success habits. His friends call him the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye.

I got Ben on the show because I’m FASCINATED with the habits of today’s top performers. We dig into his story, the essential habits of the most successful people in the world and how you can develop habits for you to become more successful.

(GYSS #82): 52 Cups of Coffee with 52 Strangers with Megan Gebhart

“Life isn’t going to go according as planned, and that’s actually really good.”
Megan Gebhart is an author, world traveler, and tech-enthusiast living in San Francisco. In 2010, she launched a yearlong experiment to see what would happen if she had coffee with a stranger every week for a year. In 2014, she published “52 Cups of Coffee,” a book chronicling her conversations with everyone from a dairy farmer to Steve Wozniak.

I wanted to get Megan on the show because she’s had really great conversations with incredibly successful people. We talk about what life was like in college, where she got the idea for 52 Cups of Coffee and what she’s up to now.

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