Author: Jason D. Bay

(GYSS #81): How To Start A Career In Marketing with Heather Ann Havenwood

“If you have a hard time asking people for money, you’re going to have a hard time with entrepreneurship.”

Heather Ann Havenwood next guest is the CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss. She is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing and business strategies. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer.

I wanted to get Heather on the show so I could geek out with someone who is just as passionate about marketing as I am. We chat about how she got her career started and how best to market your product or service-based business.

(GYSS #80): Finding Work That Fits with Scott Barlow

“If you just focus on your passion, it’ll leave you pretty frustrated most of the time.”

Scott Barlow is the Founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps you stop doing work that doesn’t fit, figuring out what does and then teaching you to make it happen! He has been helping people develop their careers and businesses for over 10 years as a Human Resources Leader, Business Development Expert, and Career Coach. With over 2,000 interviews worth of experience from his HR career, he interviews others telling their story of finding work they love on the Happen to Your Career Podcast.

How do I find work I’m passionate about? Scott helps us answer this question. We discuss his journey from employee to entrepreneur, myths about finding your “passion” and the work landscape has changed in the last 40-50 years.

(GYSS #79): Finding Your Signature Sauce with Paul Angone

“We don’t resonate over our pretend perfection. We resonate over our shared struggles.”

Paul Angone is the best-selling author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties, All Groan Up, a national speaker, and the creator of, which has been read by millions in 190 countries.

Paul is back on the show! We discuss his new book, All Groan Up, and how to find your secret sauce. This is a topic I get asked about a ton: how do I find what I’m passionate about? We dig into this topic and his story.

(GYSS #78): Startups & Setting Yourself Up For Success with Dr. Tim Linnet

“Everyone has to start with a niche…find one group of customers that you can over service and make them extremely happy.”

Dr. Tim Linnet is the founder of RutaSleep’s Drink Coffee Today & Sleep Deep Tonight, a revolutionary sleep aid found in Rite Aid and Meijer stores nationwide. He graduated with his doctorate from University of the Pacific and went on to Harvard for post-doctoral studies in finance and statistics. He also founded, which helps small businesses launch their consumer product brands on retail shelves nationwide.

I wanted to interview Tim because of his knowledge in start ups and finding investment. We discuss how he got involved in the pharmaceutical industry, how to set up your early stage startup for success.

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