Author: Jason D. Bay

(GYSS #71): Working with EDM Artists and the Realist’s Perspective on Passion with Sam Matla

“You become passionate about something after you become good at it.”

Sam Matla is the founder of EDMProd, a blog & resource website aimed at helping electronic music producers make better music. He’s also the author of The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity, which aims to help producers overcome creative problems.

I wanted interview Sam Matla because he’s been able to take a passion of his (EDM music) and turn it into a business helping other EDM artists. We talk marketing, EDM and how to turn a passion of yours into a business.

(GYSS #70): Killer Email Techniques & Templates For Networking and Outreach with Danny Rubin

“You have to give before you get.”

Danny Rubin is a communications expert for the millennial generation and the author of the new book, “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?”…a collection of over 100 email templates for networking and job search. You can find more of his insights on his blog — — which highlights the career advice “hidden” in the day’s top stories.

I wanted to get Danny back on the show to share his new book! We dig into detail about everything a millennial entrepreneur or businessperson needs to know about email: how to land interviews, how to network and how to connect with potential clients.

(GYSS #69): The Music Industry and Soundcloud & Marketing Hacks With Budi Voogt

“The best companies are born by the makers creating stuff they needed themselves.”

Budi Voogt is the co-founder of Heroic, an experimental label group and agency based in The Netherlands. He does the management for artists like San Holo. He also writes about the music industry on his blog and is the author of The SoundCloud Bible.

I wanted to get Budi on the podcast because he has really great experience in the music industry. He’s also an expert when it comes to Soundcloud, a platform more podcasters (including myself) need to take advantage of.

(GYSS #68): Navigating Through A Quarter-Life Crisis With Author John Schnettgoecke

“When you’re so focused on one goal, you put the blinders on…and sometimes it’s to your own detriment.”
John Schettgoecke is a regular dude who fell headfirst into an epic quarter-life crisis. He quit his job, fled the country, and then fell off a motorcycle in Costa Rica. Unsure what to do next, he wrote a book titled Pura Vida, A Thinker’s Guide to Living: 12 “Must Answer” Questions on Happiness, Habits & Hustle for Mixed-Up Millennials. He’s now on a mission to encourage millennials to write their way through their 20s.

I wanted to get John on the show because he’s a long time fan of the podcast and he’s actually gone through a quarter-life crisis himself. We talk about how to navigate through your own quarter-life crisis through finding happiness, developing great personal habits and HUSTLING.

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