Author: John Schnettgoecke

(GYSS #96): Staying Focused & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Chandler Bolt

“I knew if I put it out there, I’d be forced to do it.”

Chandler Bolt is the author of five best-selling books including his most recent book titled, “Book Launch”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey toward writing their first book.

I wanted to get Chandler back on the show because his business, Self-Publishing School, has absolutely blown up over the past year! Since the last time Chandler was on the show, his business crossed the million-dollar mark. He recently became the sole owner of Self-Publishing School, and he’s now on track to bring in more than $4 million dollars this year. Yet, he still struggles with Imposter Syndrome. Chandler shares the two things he struggles with every, single day, and also shares what he’s learned after dropping out of school, starting his own business, and running a multi-million dollar business.

(GYSS #95): How To Flex Your Extrovert Muscle w/ Katrina Razavi

“Go into a conversation thinking how you want to make the other person feel comfortable.”

Katrina Razavi is a communication coach and founder of where she helps people who struggle with social anxiety and social confidence live their best lives and express their true selves. She’s also a Silicon Valley executive and former founder of

I wanted to get Katrina on the show because she’s a self-admitted introvert who teaches a mindset-first approach to improve your social skills and avoid awkward conversations. Katrina and I talk about how to calm your nerves, anxiety, and emotions when you step into an intimidating social situation, how Katrina found the courage to approach Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington, and even how Katrina wound up at Kim and Kanye’s engagement party! Katrina also shares her six secrets for social confidence!

(GYSS #94): Five Steps To Real Leadership w/ Tamara Thorpe

“Millennials see position and authority as fluid.”

Tamara Thorpe is the Millennials Mentor. She creates exceptional leadership training programs for Millennial leaders, and helps businesses understand and leverage a multi-generational workforce. She also helps entrepreneurs and growing businesses create engaged and high performing teams, and sustainable learning organizations. She shares with us her love for Millennials, leadership, and life.

I wanted to get Tamara back on the show because she’s a Millennial expert and has some really interesting ideas regarding Millennial leadership. I first had Tamara on the show in November of 2014. Since then, she’s been up to some BIG things. We talk about why Tamara believes ageism is still one of the most tolerable forms of discrimination, why (and how) Millennials are different than other generations, and why Millennials want to lead differently than other generations. Tamara also shares her five steps for real leadership!

(GYSS #93): How To Launch Products On Amazon w/ Kiri Masters

“Selling products on Amazon has become a great starting point for building a business.”

Kiri Masters started Bobsled Marketing, an agency that helps brands to launch their products on Amazon. At the age of 28, she quit her job as a commercial banker to start the company. Now, she and her team have launched over 100 products on Amazon, ranging from drones, to pillows, to gun holster belts.

I wanted to get Kiri on the show because, as she says, “being an employee isn’t a bad thing.” Kiri worked in the banking industry for years before she started her own business, and she picked up some invaluable skills along the way. We talk about how to be a more productive employee, how to manage your manager, and how working for someone else prepares you for entrepreneurship. And, of course, Kiri talks about some of the ways you can get started selling products on Amazon!

(GYSS #92): Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Passion Project w/ Elaine Huang

“Sometimes you gotta’ just go before you’re ready.”

Elaine Huang is the founder of Neon Owl, a media company that focuses on bringing positive, inspirational content back into music media, while connecting artists and fans to give back to charities around the world. She left her six-figure income position as VP to create a life out of passion and purpose. Elaine is the poster child of creating and living a life filled with nothing less than what you love.

I wanted to get Elaine on the show because she took a longer road toward turning her passion project into a legitimate, lifestyle business. Elaine left a secure, six-figure job in order to build a business she loved. But, it didn’t happen overnight. We talk about why Elaine felt lost during college, how she turned her lifelong passion into a profitable business, and even some of the unexpected challenges Elaine faced while starting from scratch.

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