Author: John Schnettgoecke

(GYSS #91): How To Become A Jedi Master of Productivity with Paul Minors

“That’s the worst thing, really, to be spinning your wheels and not even knowing it.”

Paul Minors is is a coffee drinking tech lover who is very passionate about productivity. His goal is to help people like you get more done and reach your full potential. He believes that by managing your time, energy, and attention, you can be a more effective individual. Not just at work, but in everything that you do. Paul helps people become more productive at, and he also hosts The Productivity Podcast.

I wanted to get Paul on the show because he’s a productivity expert who’s managed to build a real “side hustle” while maintaining a 9-to-5 job. We cover over all kinds of productivity topics, including how being a perfectionist sometimes works against you. Paul talks about how to figure out why you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, how journaling improves your productivity, and how to schedule tasks in order to increase your productivity.

(GYSS #90): How To Live a Self-Made Lifestyle with YL Savitskiy

“If you apply yourself the right way, there is nothing that is outside your grasp.”

YL Savitskiy is the is the co-founder of Self-Made Millennials, and a young entrepreneur, millennial, podcast host, fitness junkie, and adventurer. Being the first person in his immediate family to enroll in an American university, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations after only three and a half years. Nine days after graduation, YL took a leap and followed his dream of living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Embracing change, he arrived in Vegas with two suitcases, a place to stay, and an approach of piecing together the rest of the details later.

I wanted to get YL on the show because he’s smack dab in the middle of his own entrepreneurial journey, and he has an interesting perspective on what it takes to truly live a self-made lifestyle. We talk about YL’s path to entrepreneurship, including how he learned to handle rejection while working at a fundraising office in college, and why he dropped everything and moved to Las Vegas right after he graduated. YL even offers a “sneak peek” at his seven secrets for living a self-made lifestyle.

(GYSS #89): How To Optimize Your Business & Build A Life You Love with Matt Inglot

“Forget business for a second, let’s just figure out what I want my day-to-day life to be.”

Matt Inglot is the founder of Tilted Pixel, a web agency he started 10 years ago while in university. He is also the creator where he helps fellow consultants and creative services providers to earn more and most importantly, to build an amazing lifestyle through their business.

I wanted to get Matt on the show because he’s an experienced freelancer and entrepreneur who’s built a business that’s perfectly optimized for a life of freedom and flexibility. We talk about all things freelancing, including the most common freelancing mistakes, how to figure out (and charge) what you’re worth, and how to find clients you actually want to work with.

(GYSS #88): How to Establish Authority & Level-Up Your Talent w/ Erin Jacobson

“Be natural, be a person. Be interested in getting to know people.”

Erin Jacobson is known as “The Music Industry Lawyer.” She’s an experienced deal negotiator and a seasoned adviser of intellectual property rights who protects musicians, songwriters, producers, and other entertainment professionals. Her clients range from Grammy and Emmy Award winners to independent artists, record labels, music publishers, and production companies. Erin also founded, owns, and oversees all operations for Indie Artist Resource, the independent musician’s resource for legal and business protection. She’s a frequent author and speaker, and also blogs regularly on music industry topics.

I wanted to get Erin on the show because she’s an expert networker, and someone who’s turned a lifelong passion for music into a successful career. Now, she represents some of the biggest names in the music industry! We talk about how to gain expertise in any field, how to land your first big clients, and Erin walks us through her easy-to-implement networking tips.

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