(GYSS #66): Living Differently & Building Community with Matt Wilson

“Being normal is the enemy and being fine sucks.”

Matt Wilson is the Adventurer in Residence at Under30Experiences and Co-founder at Under30CEO. This is his second time on the show and he’s since started a podcast, the Live Different Podcast…where he helps entrepreneurs grow their business, get in better shape, perform at their peak and have more fun.

I wanted to get Matt on the show to talk about living differently, building community and his new podcast, the Live Different Podcast.

(GYSS #65): Matthew Williams – Co-Founder of BrainGain, How To Live Overseas

Matthew Williams has worked, lived, and traveled overseas for the last 7 years. He’s now helping others have the same awesome experiences by placing them in career relevant positions in emerging economies through his business, BrainGain.

I wanted to get Matthew on the show because of his vast knowledge around working overseas. We discuss his love for travel, how to support yourself to live overseas (so you can do more than just vacation) and his new startup BrainGain.

(GYSS #64): Jess Manuszak – Trusting Your Gut, Copywriting & Telling Your Story

“Failure is not the end of the world, it’s just a sign that you’re doing shit worth doing.”

Jess Manuszak is the founder of The Brazen Bible blog and CEO of Verve & Vigour Creative Branding Agency. She approaches life much in the same way she approaches any and every game of Monopoly: with borderline inappropriate amounts of determination and a wad of fake paper money shoved down the front of her pants.

I wanted to get Jess on the show because she is GREAT with copywriting. We discuss her humble beginnings, copywriting and how to be happy being yourself.

(GYSS #63): Geoff Woods – Find & Successfully Connect With Mentors

“80% of everything you need is already within your circle of influence.”

Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee podcast, and is a medical device salesman by day, and an entrepreneur by night. He has set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and entrepreneurs and is a now being mentored by many of these heavy hitters. Geoff has been featured in Entrepreneur.com and is considered the authority on building meaningful relationships with high level influencers and mentors.

I wanted to get Geoff on the show because he is THE expert when it comes to mentors. We discuss his journey getting started as an entrepreneur and he gives step-by-step instructions on how to find, attract and reach out to mentors.

(GYSS #62): Founders of Idea Lemon – Is Quitting Essential For Success?

“If you don’t say yes to everything at some point, then you don’t figure out what to say no to.”

Rajiv Nathan and Martin McGovern are the founders of Idea Lemon, where they help young entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs to achieve more freedom, creativity, control over their schedule, free time, “me” time, opportunities, comfort and more travel.

I wanted to get these two on the show to continue our previous conversation around knowing whether you’ve “made it” when I was on their podcast. We talked about success and defining it for yourself. Our topic of conversation today: Is quitting essential for success? I recorded this more Idea Lemon style and it’s a much more conversational episode vs. an interview.

(GYSS #61): Michael Sallander – Freelancing Vs. Starting An Agency & the Future of Web

Michael Sallander is the President and Co-Founder of Chicago Digital, an innovative web agency based in Chic ago, Illinois. Their passion for helping small and medium size businesses has helped them grow into a full-service strategic marketing company developing online solutions for organizations across business sectors.

I wanted to get Michael on the show because of his expertise in web. We discuss his entrepreneurial journey, the pros and cons of building an agency vs. freelancing and tips for building an effective website.

(GYSS #60): April MacLean – Overcoming Adversity, Founder of Room To Dance

“If you can’t draw boundaries with the people who are hurting you, then you’re more of broken person for everyone else.”

April MacLean has gone from abusive home to foster care to business owner. Both her dance studio and podcast & coaching brand are designed to spread hope, foster transparency, and teach people to use their unique personality and style to become a success story by giving generously.

I wanted to get April on the show because she has dealt with a ton of adversity growing up. We dig into her story, 3 steps you can use to overcome adversity and her newest business venture, Room To Dance.

(GYSS #59): Tim Paige – Is entrepreneurship right for you?

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and it’s not the only way to accomplish your goals.”

Tim Paige is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages and the host of the podcast, ConversionCast. He’s also a professional voiceover artist over at TheVoiceofTimPaige.com and has worked with podcasters and entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas and James Altucher…and companies like the Travel Channel, Expedia and Cannon.

I had Tim on the show because he’s had a ton of different occupations, jobs and businesses in the last decade or so. We discuss his early career as a touring musician, how to take the leap and find passion projects and what he does now at LeadPages.

(GYSS #58): Jeff Brown – The Future of Podcasting, Starting A Podcast and Interviewing Tips

“Excellence with consistency…will serve you as well as any single thing you can do.”

Jeff Brown is a former nationally syndicated morning radio show co-host with nearly a million weekly listeners. He hosts the Read to Lead Podcast, a top-rated business and career podcast, and has interviewed business greats like Seth Godin, Hal Elrod, John Lee Dumas and several others. He’s also a podcast coach and mentor.

Jeff is not a millennial but I wanted to get him on because he has 20+ years of experience in radio and podcasting combined. If you need help starting a podcast and beyond the technical aspects of getting started, this is the perfect episode for you. We discuss the process of putting together a great show, finding great guests and interviewing techniques to conduct a great interview.

(GYSS #57): Founders of Self Journal – Goal Setting, Journaling & The Key Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

“What we’ve realized is that slow, steady action trumps all.”

Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer are the duo behind Self Journal, a powerful yet simple daily planner to help you structure your day, enjoy life, and reach your goals quicker than you thought possible.

After leaving their day jobs in both Architecture and Marketing to work full-time on their side hustle businesses, they began researching successful people for guidance on how to optimize their days. After applying these to their lives and seeing how powerful these principles, hacks and routines were in moving them forward they created the Self Journal to help others do the same.

I wanted these two on the show because they have a ton of great productivity hacks to share and we discuss those hacks along with optimizing your day for success.

(GYSS #56): Chris Estrada – Why Coworking Spaces Are Essential For Every Young Entrepreneur’s Success

“Talkers go to coffee shops…how many paid clients have you gotten from a coffee shop?”

Chris Estrada is the founder of Operation Spot and the host of the Coworking Success Podcast. He is very passionate about inspiring 1 million young entrepreneurs to join coworking spaces because he believes that coworking spaces are essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Coworking spaces are all the rage right now for entrepreneurs and I wanted to get Chris on the show to talk about them. We discuss everything you need to know about finding and researching a coworking space, how to make the most use of them and he drops some very valuable networking bombs.

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