(GYSS #33): Jess Lively – A Values-Based Approach To Accomplishing Our Goals

“Start where you are…and just keep going!”

Jess Lively works with entrepreneurs to help them create a more values-based approach to their possessions, personal habits, relationships and career. She has a podcast, The Lively Show, a top-rated show on iTunes in which she brings on guests to discuss values-based intentions and how they can help us define success for ourselves.

The reason why I wanted Jess on the show is because she embodies a concept that many highly successful entrepreneurs believe in: we must define success for ourselves. Success doesn’t have to always be attached to our list of achievements in life and we discuss what it means to attach intentions and values to our goals in order to help us become more successful.

(GYSS #32): Chandler Bolt – Productivity Hacks & Self Publishing Your Way To Success

“A book opened up so many doors for me – it was a glorified business card.”

Chandler Bolt is the co-founder of Self Publishing School (affiliate link) and is a best selling author on productivity and self publishing. Chandler got his first taste of entrepreneurship in high school and ran his first 6-figure business in college.

This is a great interview and Chandler’s a blast to talk to. His business is blowing up right now and he’s all over iTunes right now getting interviewed about Self Publishing School. We discuss why he became an author, productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and how to publish your own book.

(GYSS #31): Peter Voogd – 6 Months To 6 Figures, Best Selling Author & Founder of GameChangers Movement

“Those who do what they ‘feel like’ don’t end up doing very much.”

Peter Voogd is the founder of GameChangers Movement and the author of 6 Months To 6 Figures. Peter made his first $100,000 in his mid-twenties and I’m very excited to have him on the show!

We discuss what it means to leave a legacy, why doing more than what is required of you is the best way to get ahead and his book. He gives a ton of actionable takeaways. Make sure to pick up his book!

(GYSS #30): Marley Majcher – Founder of the Party Goddess, Knowing Your Hourly Worth and Focusing On Profit

“Our time is our most valuable asset, much more than money.”

Marley Majcher is the founder of The Party Goddess, an event planning service in which she’s planned parties for Pierce Brogan, Sophia Vergara and several other celebrities.

Marley has a ton of great experience running businesses and we discuss how to know what priorities to focus on most as an entrepreneur, why profit tends to take a backseat to revenue and why your hourly rate is so important.

(GYSS #29): Michelle Ward – When I Grow Up Coach

“I’ve never helped a client find the ‘what’ without the ‘how.’ There’s always a way to do the thing you want to do.”

Michelle Ward is the founder of When I Grow Up, a Forbes top 100 website for your career. Michelle helps women transition out of their soul-sucking jobs into a career they love or by starting a business they love.

I wanted to get Michelle on the show because her advice is great for both males and females. She is very good at helping people find out what it is that they “want to do when they grow up,” regardless of their age. We discuss entrepreneurship, finding your career passion and

(GYSS #28): Arman Assadi – Founder Of Why I Left Google, Pursuing Solopreneurship

“What drove me was the fear of literally dying and being on my deathbed with major regrets.”

Arman Assadi is the founder of WhyILeftGoogle.com and is obsessed with solopreneurship. Arman started his career with Google and talks about why he left what most would consider such a great opportunity.

We discuss solopreneurship and creating a life of freedom, how to turn your passions and skill sets into a business and the biggest mistakes Arman has made as a solopreneur.

(GYSS #27): Ashley Stahl – Business Launch System For Millennials

“When people say ‘eventually’ they’re just putting it off because they’re scared.”

Ashley Stahl is a career coach for millennials seeking better career opportunities by either starting a business or finding a job that is more suitable to their passions.

We discuss her career journey and how she transitioned into entrepreneurship, why “just starting” is the best way to learn and she gives a step-by-step guide to starting a business.

(GYSS #26): Stephen Bienko – Becoming A Great Leader Through A Mindset of Wow, Fulfill and Delight

“Leadership is about giving others the opportunity to lead.”

Stephen Bienko is speaker, writer and the president of 42 Holdings, the majority shareholder of College Hunks Hauling Junk. Stephen is a great motivational speaker and our interview doesn’t fall short of motivation!

Stephen shares a ton of great insights on leadership, entrepreneurship and how we can succeed as millennials.

(GYSS #25): John Lee Dumas – Habits of Young, Highly Successful Entrepreneurs & Finding Great Mentors

“Young, highly successful entrepreneurs look for people who are where they want to be.”

John Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneur On Fire, a 7-day per week podcast that interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the entire world. John is a huge inspiration for entrepreneurs and podcasters around the world.

John and I discuss mentors, the habits of young, highly successful entrepreneurs and his daily routine. He shares a ton of great insight and this is a great listen!

(GYSS #24): Paul Angone – Author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties

“All of us are intentional, just many of us are intentionally unintentional.”

Paul Angone is the author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties and the website AllGroanUp.com. Paul is a millennial who found out in his twenties that pursuing the traditional corporate route wasn’t ideal for him, so he decided to write about it.

We talk about what a quarter life crisis is, obsessive comparison disorder and how to find more fulfillment in life. Paul is a funny guy who shares a ton of wisdom that anything twenty something would benefit from hearing.

(GYSS #23): The Top 10 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From 2014

Okay I was pretty nervous to do this episode! I think you’ll really like it though. Here are the three takeaways:

1. Honest self reflection is key to success in life.
2. My story…many of you have emailed me asking for more about my story. I did my best to give it in this episode!
3. Find one lesson that relates to you and apply it. Or share one of your lessons from 2014 in the comments below.

Lesson #1: It’s okay to quit

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
– Tony Gaskin

Takeaway: It’s okay to use a job or opportunity as a stepping stone.

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