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5 Ways To Increase Productivity In A World Full Of Distractions

When I get hired for my first real job at 18, my goal was to be the hardest worker. It was a commission-based sales job and I wasn’t compensated unless I made sales. I took a lot of pride in working long hours. And from what I could tell, all successful business people and entrepreneurs did worked grueling hours to achieve their success.

I hit a critical point in about a year. 80-100 hour weeks weren’t sustainable. I started to get pretty burnt out.

Multitasking seemed like the best answer. After all, isn’t that what being “productive” means?

That didn’t work either. I worked less hours, but the quality of my work sucked.

I decided to try a new approach: complete disregard for the number of hours and more focus on the results. Sometimes it took 6 hours to accomplish what I needed to that day, and sometimes it took 14 hours.

This approach helped, but it didn’t help me accomplish any more than I already was.

My next approach was to find as many books, articles and websites relating to productivity.

My findings went against every assumption I made about productivity. My research showed that highly productive people do not…

7 Amazing Sleep Hacks For A Better Night’s Sleep

Let me talk about why I decided to write an article on sleep.

I’m currently 25 years old. All of my life, I’ve never had challenges with energy or focus. In high school, I averaged about 5 hours of sleep each night…no problem. In college, it was about 6 hours per night.

It wasn’t until I turned 25 this past February that I started to notice that I couldn’t hold my focus for a 12 hour workday anymore. 8 hours was starting to get a little tough. I could still hammer out those hours, but it wasn’t productive for me.

I needed to take naps in the middle of the day in order to sustain my output. I’ve read many articles about the benefit of napping, but it just didn’t seem logical that I couldn’t get through a day without being dog assed tired.

I examined my diet, personal productivity and sleep quality. Fixing all of those areas ended up having a great effect on the quality of my day, but the one that made the biggest impact for me (based on my tracking) was the changes I made to increase the quality of my sleep.

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