Setting up a website is oftentimes step #1 or #2 when starting any business.

Already set up a WordPress site? Thinking about whether or not you should use WordPress versus another alternative like Weebly, Squarespace, etc.?

WordPress is a little more challenging to set up than any of their competing platforms, but for a good reason: it’s the best website back-end for managing sites with lots of content.

If you’ll be uploading lots of pictures or videos, blogging, podcasting or adding a portfolio of any type at all, WordPress is the way to go. “All the pros” use WordPress and if you need any more justification just check out the stats.

I outlined the easiest way to start a WordPress site in a previous post if you’re needing help getting started.

With that being said, I made several mistakes when I started my first WordPress site and I want to help you avoid those mistakes.

These mistakes cost me about 65 hours worth of my time and $361.