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I get a lot of questions about what a podcast is and how to listen to them. They’re FREE! If you have an iPhone, you can search for and download them in either iTunes or on the Podcast app on your phone. If you have an Android based phone you can search for and download them on the Stitcher Radio app.

The Art of Charm Podcast: This is one of my favorite podcasts. Jordan Harbinger talks about what makes ordinary guys become extraordinary men. It’s geared towards dudes and he brings on a lot of subject matter experts on relationships, networking, success, leadership, productivity and overall health.

Entrepreneur on Fire: If you’re entrepreneur (or wantrapreneur), this podcast is it. It comes out every day of the week. John Lee Dumas is the host and he interviews guests like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Pat Flynn and Gary Vaynerchuk. He also has a lot of great, free content on his site as well. Make sure to check it out.

The Tim Ferriss Show: I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss and love his podcast because he gets a lot of subject matter experts on his show. If you’re into biohacking, lifestyle design or just listening to an entertaining show, check it out.

Read to Lead Podcast: Jeff Brown is one my mentors and his podcast is great if you like reading personal development books. He brings on authors like Ken Blanchard (author of the One-Minute Manager) and Chris Guillebeau (author of the $100 Startup). He has over 20 years of radio host experience and is a joy to listen to.


I’m a huge reader of personal development books. These books have been life changers for me and I strongly recommend you pick them up and read them.

The 4-Hour Workweek: This might be my favorite book of all time. It opened up my eyes to the possibility of a completely location independent lifestyle that can be achieved by running on online business. Tim Ferriss talks about how to increase productivity at work, how to start an online business and how to hire virtual assistants for $3.00 / hour (yep, the decimal is in the right place).

The Compound Effect: How do you think of your time? What’s it worth? This book will help change your perspective on life goals, productivity and habits. Darren Hardy talks about how to achieve life success and increase your productivity by learning how to say “no.”

The Miracle Morning: Hal Elrod’s story is immensely inspiring. In his book, he talks about what it was like to be down in the dumps and hundred of thousands of dollars in debt. He talks about the importance of a solid morning routine and how it turned his life around. This is a must read.

The Little Red Book of Selling: If you’re in the business world, it’s likely you do sales of some sort. This is a perfect book for anyone working in sales or in a job that requires you to sell yourself. It’s one of the best selling sales books of all time. Jeffrey Gitomer does a great job of introducing sales and taking a no bullshit approach to succeeding at it.


There are only a few blogs I frequent. I also included a few resources for you if you’re into blogging.

Boost Blog Traffic: This is THE best site I’ve found with tips on how to blog better. They break down everything from how to get people to subscribe to your blog to how to write blog posts people will actually read and comment on.

The Four Hour Blog: This is the blog of Tim Ferriss. You’ll find tons of useful tips on travel, biohacking and other cool shit. Just an overall cool thing he’s got going on there.

Becoming Minimalist: I’m a huge proponent of minimalism. I used to think that material objects and money were the path to happiness, but this blog really helped me to find happiness in minimalism. It’s helped me to clear my mind and focus on the things that matter most in life: family, friends and experiences.

Lifehacker: Of course I put this one down. I love how they write very in depth posts on how to hack your life by finding the path of least resistance. It’ll save you time, money and stress!

Inexpensive Online Learning

One thing that’s been great about the Internet age is the accessibility of information. Here are a few sites I highly recommend if you’re trying to teach yourself something new. They have video courses on how to create websites, how to use WordPress, how to code, marketing training, leadership training and everything in-between.

Lynda.com: I used their courses on WordPress to learn how to build this site. They have an endless number of courses on almost everything you could think of. I have a special deal set up with Lynda.com that will give you free, unlimited access for 7 days.
Cost: $25 / month

Fizzle: I love what these guys do! Their whole site focuses on building successful online businesses. They break down things like building a site, podcasting, blogging, etc. They have video courses, a forum and one-on-one coaching.
Cost: $35 / month, first month is $1


Nomadlist: This is a great site that breaks down the cost of living in other countries by analyzing user submitted data on rent, cost of living, cost of food, etc.. Want to know what it’s like to live in southeast Asia? It’s cheaper than living in the United States. If you have the travel bug or want to live in another country, check this site out.

Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants

I can’t stress how much hiring a virtual assistant can free up valuable time for you each week. Most cost $3.00 – $4.00 / hour. Here are the sites I use and recommend for finding virtual assistants.

Elance: This is a great site if you want to outsource on the lower end of the spectrum. If you’re looking for someone to format spreadsheets for you, do some research or anything else that you don’t like doing that’s tedious, this is the place to find that person(s).

Virtual Staff Finder: This site is better if you’re looking for someone to work full-time for you. It’s a great way to find someone that you can trust to do higher level tasks like managing your email, answering your phone or doing something that you would need to interview someone for.

Building A Website?

If you’re building a website, there are a million routes you can take. This is my simplified list of things you need in order to build a blog or website.

WordPress w/ Bluehost: If you’re serious about a website and want to incorporate a blog, WordPress is the way to go. Most websites use WordPress as their backbone. You have to host a website with WordPress.org (the preferred method over WordPress.com) and it can get complicated. I have a special deal set up through Bluehost to get you the first month for just $3.95 and then just $7.49 / month after that. They make it easy and it’s inexpensive.

Fiverr: You’d be surprised at what you can get done on Fiverr on the cheap. I did the voice on the intro of The GenY Success Show through this site for just $10. You can get logos designed for $5. There’s all kinds of things you can get done for your website if you’re bootstrapping.

99 Designs: I’ve used this website for every logo I’ve ever had made. It’s going to cost a few hundred bucks to get design work done, but you can have 30+ professional designers submit designs to you and pick the one you like best. It’s a step up in professionalism from Fiverr. I used them to create the logo for GenY Success.

MOJO Themes: This is THE site for WordPress themes. I use the Creativo theme for this website and it was inexpensive and very easy to customize for my needs.


MOO: These guys make great business cards and other printed materials. The quality is really great and the card are super thick compared to regular business cards. If you need nice cards for an upscale networking event, this is the place to go to.

Flickr: The Commons: Easily one of the most overlooked sites for free, license free pictures. Make sure you search for pictures in the commons section of the website and you’re good to go to put it on your website or blog.


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