“When you’re so focused on one goal, you put the blinders on…and sometimes it’s to your own detriment.”
John Schettgoecke is a regular dude who fell headfirst into an epic quarter-life crisis. He quit his job, fled the country, and then fell off a motorcycle in Costa Rica. Unsure what to do next, he wrote a book titled Pura Vida, A Thinker’s Guide to Living: 12 “Must Answer” Questions on Happiness, Habits & Hustle for Mixed-Up Millennials. He’s now on a mission to encourage millennials to write their way through their 20s.

I wanted to get John on the show because he’s a long time fan of the podcast and he’s actually gone through a quarter-life crisis himself. We talk about how to navigate through your own quarter-life crisis through finding happiness, developing great personal habits and HUSTLING.