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(GYSS #74): Building A Dope Personal Brand with Rajiv Nathan

“At its purest and simplest form, a personal brand is the combination of how you see yourself and how others see you.”
Rajiv Nathan is a human Curious George always chasing realness, is Idea Lemon’s cofounder and Ambassador of Awesome. He shows you how to build a money personal brand and live a dope life.

I had Rajiv on the show to talk about the mystery that is personal branding. We talk about his background, the epic road trip they took across America a few months ago and how to build a kick-ass personal brand. We get real for a little bit and he helps me define my personal brand.

(GYSS #62): Founders of Idea Lemon – Is Quitting Essential For Success?

“If you don’t say yes to everything at some point, then you don’t figure out what to say no to.”

Rajiv Nathan and Martin McGovern are the founders of Idea Lemon, where they help young entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs to achieve more freedom, creativity, control over their schedule, free time, “me” time, opportunities, comfort and more travel.

I wanted to get these two on the show to continue our previous conversation around knowing whether you’ve “made it” when I was on their podcast. We talked about success and defining it for yourself. Our topic of conversation today: Is quitting essential for success? I recorded this more Idea Lemon style and it’s a much more conversational episode vs. an interview.

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