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(GYSS #96): Staying Focused & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Chandler Bolt

“I knew if I put it out there, I’d be forced to do it.”

Chandler Bolt is the author of five best-selling books including his most recent book titled, “Book Launch”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey toward writing their first book.

I wanted to get Chandler back on the show because his business, Self-Publishing School, has absolutely blown up over the past year! Since the last time Chandler was on the show, his business crossed the million-dollar mark. He recently became the sole owner of Self-Publishing School, and he’s now on track to bring in more than $4 million dollars this year. Yet, he still struggles with Imposter Syndrome. Chandler shares the two things he struggles with every, single day, and also shares what he’s learned after dropping out of school, starting his own business, and running a multi-million dollar business.

(GYSS #32): Chandler Bolt – Productivity Hacks & Self Publishing Your Way To Success

“A book opened up so many doors for me – it was a glorified business card.”

Chandler Bolt is the co-founder of Self Publishing School (affiliate link) and is a best selling author on productivity and self publishing. Chandler got his first taste of entrepreneurship in high school and ran his first 6-figure business in college.

This is a great interview and Chandler’s a blast to talk to. His business is blowing up right now and he’s all over iTunes right now getting interviewed about Self Publishing School. We discuss why he became an author, productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and how to publish your own book.

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