GenY Success Toolbox

The GenY Success Job Hunting Toolkit

Below are three interviews:

  • Ross Galloway – Deloitte & ESPN (gaining attention from potential employers)
  • Christopher Knight – Google (effective techniques for promotions)
  • Max Lawrence – Deloitte (how to deal with rejection and failure)

I also put together an ebook for you that has my best tactics for getting raises and promotions. I used these principles to become the Marketing Director for the company I was working for.

Here’s the link to download your free ebook:
The 3 Most Effective Tactics For Earning Raises & Promotions

A cheat sheet is available for you to get the most out of each interview and to be able to skim through it to save time.

Ross Galloway – How To Get Hired By ESPN, Networking Your Way To Promotions

Ross Galloway - GenY Success

Ross has had quite the success in his career so far. He was hired by Deloitte Consulting right out of college and was recently hired on at ESPN. In this interview, Ross breaks down strategies he used during his time at Deloitte to help him secure his job at ESPN. If you’re looking to gain the attention of your next employer, listen in closely to this interview.

Ross Galloway Interview (click to play)

Cheat Sheet & Key Points
  • 1:35 – What it was like interviewing with ESPN and getting to sit in the SportsCenter Desk
  • 6:06 – How to network yourself with coworkers to get promotions and create new opportunities new opportunities
  • 8:15 – Ross’s advice on taking advantage of opportunities to connect
  • 10:00 – Why making introductions for others is the best way to network
  • 14:58 – How Ross was able to get important projects during his time at Deloitte
  • 17:50 – How to become a likable person and build self confidence
  • 20:52 – Using public accountability to achieve your goals
  • 24:16 – How to push your comfort zone
  • 27:20 – What Ross does at ESPN and how his past experience has helped him
  • 30:17 – Ross’s biggest takeaway from his time working for Deloitte
  • 31:53 – Ross’s daily success routine
  • 32:45 – Ross talks about his favorite Laker player of all time
  • 36:20 – Ross’s best advice for Generation Y

Christopher Knight – How To Get Hired By Google, How To Prepare For An Interview, Building Your Personal Brand

Christopher Knight - GenY Success

Chris sheds a ton of insight in this interview about personal branding and how he’s used that to progress through the ranks at Google. I got out a lot out of his tips on how to get your coworkers to do the bragging for you…so you don’t have to. If you’re struggling with getting traction at your current job for raises and promotions, make sure to listen to this interview.

“The smartest people are always the ones that are most willing to listen to people that might disagree with them.”

Christopher Knight Interview (click to play)

Cheat Sheet & Key Points
  • 2:07 – Chris talks about what he does at Google
  • 2:56 – How to get noticed by a company like Google
  • 5:59 – Why getting good grades in college is actually important
  • 8:22 – What it means to be well rounded from the perspective of the employer
  • 10:09 – Why failing fast is actually a good thing
  • 11:56 – The “trick” to getting hired by a tech company
  • 16:28 – The art of remaining calm in an interview
  • 17:56 – What to research before your interview
  • 21:12 – Chris has switched jobs 6 times at Google and discusses the important of being a “general athlete”
  • 24:20 – How to advance within a company to earn promotions and raises…and tips on career advancement
  • 31:21 – Why building your personal brand is so important in getting ahead at your job
  • 34:30 – How to get your coworkers to brag about you to your boss
  • 37:05 – Be good to people before they’re in a position to help you
  • 38:43 – Chris’s daily success routine
  • 44:18 – What is pronoia?
  • 44:55 – Chris’s best advice for Generation Y

Max Lawrence – How To Get Hired By Deloitte, International Traveling On A Budget, Dealing With Failure

Max was born in South Africa and has traveled to 57 countries. I talk to him a lot about the lifestyle of travel, both at work and for personal reasons. He’s been working with Deloitte since 2009. This is a great interview for anyone looking to start a career and advance through the ranks quickly.

Max Lawrence Interview (click to play)

Cheat Sheet & Key Points
  • 1:12 – What was it like growing up in South Africa?
  • 5:55 – Max’s advice for traveling with limited funds
  • 9:52 – How travel has broadened Max’s perspective of the world
  • 16:20 – How Max got hired at Deloitte
  • 19:20 – Why making your interviewer laugh can help you to get hired
  • 20:45 – What a case interview is and how to nail them
  • 22:44 – Failure is something you have to practice
  • 26:35 – The soft stuff is the hard stuff
  • 31:38 – Why traveling for work might not be all that it’s cracked up to be
  • 34:16 – How Max has moved up through Deloitte
  • 37:28 – Under promise, over deliver
  • 40:15 – The value of giving first and being “there” before you get there
  • 50:15 – Max’s success routine tip
  • 56:45 – Max’s advice for Generation Y
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