What advantages does telematics offer us today?

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In addition to private individuals, whose insurance companies grant them certain discounts on their vehicle insurance if they use telematics there, companies https://www.ontimegroup.com.au/ particular benefit from these systems. Here can be equal to several advantages hold at once: First, the drivability can be safer and more transparent.

In addition, the entire fleet management can be made easier, which among other things can save various costs.

What does telematics offer in general?

Nowadays, modern systems offer us numerous technical possibilities. With their help, fleet managers can, among other things, determine the respective positions of their vehicles at any time, increase their safety, facilitate their administration and generally optimize route planning. In this way, telematics systems offer helpful support on several levels. The overall efficiency of the fleet can be increased with telematics.

Used for GPS tracking

The term telematics is made up of telecommunications and informatics. With this technology, different data can be collected at a certain point in the vehicle. All that is required for this is a technical system. A GPS tracking box, for example, is responsible for this. This collects location data at regular intervals, which it then forwards via the cellular network. It can then be viewed and evaluated via an online portal or an app. This means that it is always possible to see exactly where a vehicle is currently located.

Driving behaviour and vehicle use

Collection of various data

However, the use of telematics in vehicles has several advantages: As already mentioned, it can be used for vehicle tracking and can therefore provide valuable information on the whereabouts of the vehicle even in the event of theft, for example. It also provides a lot of general information about the exact use of a particular vehicle. This includes the exact use that can be used to identify signs of wear and tear. The collection of all data works via a GPS tracking box. This is permanently installed in the vehicle and connected to the electronics there.

Driving behaviour and vehicle use

Installed in the vehicle, the tracking box uses GPS to collect various data on driving behaviour and vehicle use. On the one hand, a wide variety of data is documented at regular intervals. In addition, there is further information such as speeds, refuelling, driving and rest times, as well as maintenance or repairs. This is all completely automated. All data is collected automatically, forwarded via a cellular network and stored for a longer period. In addition, certain cost counters can also be linked to other internal systems, which can make work even easier within different departments.

With the use of telematics sooner or later be savings for its fleet in the company felt. Overall, there are fewer costs, you are more competitive and you can also improve your service to potential customers.

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