Why is Being a French Translator an Excellent Career Choice

Being able to speak in another language far from your native language is a feat that not everyone can attain. You’re using different parts of your brain to learn a completely different language, which is a talent and skill in itself. So if you’re learning French and getting good at it, you will realize that it has the potential to be a career in the long run. Even though some people think you can’t make an income out of it, you just need to gain experience and establish yourself as a French translator.

What makes being a French translator an excellent career choice? Will it help you in the long run? What job types can a French translator work for? You can learn so many things here, which will help jumpstart your career as a French translator! Sooner or later, you will be offering freelance French translator.

A Powerful Language of Diplomacy 

In the United Nations, French is a working language that’s considered a powerful language of diplomacy. Working language means it’s one of the six languages used for official businesses in the UN. That’s why they offer several career paths or jobs for translators, such as interpreters, editors, proofreaders, writers, and terminologists. And they have a protocol called the Minimum standards for multilingualism of United Nations websites, which means all six official languages are represented in their communications.

Become Employed by Any Government Organization

Governments from all over the world will routinely employ French translators. For example, the CIA will hire French translators from time to time. And in Canada, since they use Canadian English and French, there are many jobs available in the Canadian government where you can put your French skills to good use.

Demographic Growth 

Some people fear that the French language will disappear soon. But what they don’t know is that France boasts the highest birth rate in the world. And not to mention the fact that there are millions of French speakers to be born in Africa. And since French is used in five continents, you can see that the language isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You will always find a job as a French translator, and you can market yourself as such once you become a part of your country’s translation association.

The Bottomline 

French is a wonderful language, which you can learn anytime. But making it a career choice is also an excellent career path for you, especially if you work hard to find the right field. May it be in the government, as a freelancer, or in an office.

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