Hey guys and gals! Had a great time speaking with you and hope for the best for your future. Additional content is below if you dig the topics I spoke about today:

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Success Principle #1 – Success Is A Choice

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Success Principle #2 – Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

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Email Template:

Hi Jason,

(Make It Personal) I’m a huge fan of your work! The podcast you recorded with Arman Assadi was really enlightening. The biggest thing I took away was the courage he had to leave his job at Google to pursue something he was more passionate about.

(Explain Why You’re Reaching Out) I’m reaching out to you because I’m currently a student at a high school that doesn’t have many resources for entrepreneurs. I would like to start a business just like you’ve done and I’m trying to find more people that are actually doing what I’d like to be doing. None of my teachers have actually run a business before.

(CTA) I know that you’re busy, but I was wondering if we could chat sometime for just a few minutes? Any advice you have for someone my age looking to do what you’ve done would be sincerely appreciated and I promise to follow through with your advice. Could we chat sometime over the phone, Skype or even through email?

Thanks for your consideration,

Success Principle #3 – Set Intentional Goals & Get After It

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