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Know more about employee incentives UAE

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There are a lot of nuanced considerations that all UAE-based firms must consider when it comes to employee benefits. They also need to be aware of and abide by the new UAE Labour Law provisions, which came into force lately. They risk legal trouble and financial penalties if they don’t provide their workers with what they’re owed. Know more about employee incentives uae.

Permissions, pay, work time limits, etc., are all examples of employee perks that every worker should be entitled. Workers also need safeguards against workplace discrimination, harassment, and accidents. The new Labour Law includes contract termination, overtime pay, retirement benefits, and non-compete clauses.

Many more advantages should also be discussed, but let’s begin by exploring these details. Our first topic will be the scope of the UAE Labor Law and the typical workweek there. Then, we’ll detail the additional exceptional employee perks that all UAE-based employees are required to get.

employee incentives uae

How does insurance in the UAE function in light of the new Labor Law?

It’s well known that the UAE Labour Law only regulates jobs in the private sector, which means that the legislation does not apply to government employees such as the military, police, and security guards. As a result of this law’s scope, all private sector employers must meet specific standards.

Businesses, for instance, must ensure their workers have proper documentation before hiring them, such as work visas. However, in some areas, additional local restrictions supersede the requirements of the Labour Law. And those two areas are the country’s economic free zones (Abu Dhabi Global Market and Dubai International Financial Centre).

Despite the lack of specific exclusions for these areas in the Labour Law, a blanket exception exists about civil/commercial law. This broad exemption is included in the federal law that makes it possible to establish these special free zones. The UAE Labor Law mainly applies to the free zones.

What is the typical work week like in this country?

It has just been announced that the government sector would begin to adhere to the standard Western workweek schedule of Monday through Friday. In addition, you’ll be putting in eight hours every day, or 40 hours per week. In addition, the private sector is anticipated to adhere to the exact timetable as the government.

Do you need a work permit to recruit someone?

In the private sector, workers are entitled to a work visa from their employers. It could also be a mistake to bring on a new worker and force them to work without the proper documentation. Similarly, employees who lack the proper work authorization should not be employed.