What is online payment of bills and advantages

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Paying your electricity, gas and home internet bills online is an operation with a double advantage: it is faster than other forms of payment and allows you to save on the costs of issuing a paper invoice . Find out all the ways to pay bills online https://deferit.com/.

The main payment methods available

There are multiple ways in which users can decide to pay their bills. Below, you will find a list of the most frequent with their advantages; in this way it will be easier to make a choice about the modality to be elected:

Payment method and benefits

Home Banking : Convenient, fast and safe solution. It allows the user to keep track of all expenses.

Quick fix: It allows the user a considerable saving of time.

Bank direct debit: Quick and automatic solution. Allows the user to take advantage of discounts and promotions related to this payment method.

Website / App suppliers and Credit or prepaid card: Convenient and quick solution. It also allows the user to track their expenses.

online payment of bills

Mybank or Paypal: Quick and intuitive solution.

However, the simplest and most widespread method of paying bills by connecting to the network is to use the services made available by the various suppliers directly. In other words, you access the website of your electricity, gas or other supplier and register. Once registration is complete, you will have your own profile, which can be accessed by entering your username and password. In addition to the data of one’s own supply, the personal profile has a section dedicated to the summary of the bills issued starting from the activation of the supply. From the bill prospectus it will be possible to obtain: Order number of the bill, Total, Costs details, Expiration date, Payment status.

If the bill has already been paid, the wording “paid” will appear next to its identification number, otherwise you can click on “pay online” and proceed with the settlement operations. Signing the supply contract with your manager. The bank will do everything else.

One of the main methods of online bill payment concerns the bank direct debit , which stands for Direct Interbank Report. It is a payment method that is both simple to use and easy to understand. Thanks to this type of method, you authorize your bank to pay bills directly from your current account. The method is very safe, the withdrawal respects the deadline and there are no problems of any kind.

Advantages of the bank direct debit

It is the bank itself that makes the procedure secure thanks to its own protection mechanisms. The payment by the bank always respects the various standards and regulations contained in the legislation for the banking sector.

Another undoubted advantage of this payment method is the speed of transition. In fact, everything takes place automatically without the customer needing to carry out other operations because it is the credit institution that scales the bill amount directly from the current account.

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